Nexus One Review

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Google seems to have outdone themselves once again, this time though, with a cell phone. The Nexus One is the first phone using Android 2.1 and has given Google quite a name in the cell phone industry. This smartphone complements the Android family very nicely and you could even go as far as saying its intensity amplifies the family, and makes it a strong competitor against the Apple iPhone and the Droid Incredible.
This phone is beautiful. Actually, this phone is more than that; it’s a wonder and is stunning. The screen is an outpour of 16.7 million colors and the 800 x 400-pixel display makes it a sensation. The Nexus is the same size as the HTC Hero and HTC Droid Eris, but unlike the Droid, the Nexus has a trackball. This is a great navigation tool for the phone but also can be used for its color-based notifications that lets you know if you received a new email, text message or phone call without turning on the screen. Similar to the iPhone, the Nexus One lacks a physical keyboard and all typing is solely done using an on-screen keyboard. But the on-screen keys aren’t anything to complain about, as they respond well to the user. Google knew what they were doing with the Nexus’s design and left you with four buttons, laid out exactly as the Droid, which makes navigation throughout the phone easier. These include the back, home, menu and search keys.
A huge addition to the Nexus One is the camera which is leaps and bounds ahead of most android phone cameras. The 5MP (Mega-pixel) camera includes 2x digital zoom, LED flash and the option to tag the location of the photos from the phone’s AGPS receiver. Other features include white balance and color effect controls, autofocus, infinity focus and three quality settings so those quick candid moments become crisp and clear photos. And still shots aren’t the only thing this Google smartphone excels at. Up to thirty minutes of video can be shot in a 720 x 480-pixel resolution and a gallery application allows photos to be arranged and displayed in a grid format for easy viewing.
The media player in the Nexus One isn’t great, but it certainly isn’t terrible. It is a basic player with the basic features: playlist options, shuffle modes, repeat and the option to add music from the Amazon MP3 Store. However the phone does offer up to 20 hours of audio playback. That will keep you pre-occupied for quite some time.
Call Features/Quality: 
Aside from all the neat stuff the phone offers, this is a phone, and the call quality of this cellular device should be mentioned. The phone has a strong enough battery that allows for up to seven hours of continuous talk time in a 3G network and ten hours in 2G. But one of the neatest features dealing with call quality on the Google Nexus One is its noise cancelling technology. Two microphones are placed on the phone, one to capture your voice and the other to capture the background noise. This reduction of the background noise makes your phone call clear and makes the main function of the phone, using it to talk to others, that much better.
Storage is not a problem with this phone. With a 4GB Micro SD Card in the phone, there is still room to expand to 32GB, which is the same amount of memory found in the Apple iPhone. No contacts, pictures or music will need to ever be deleted with that much room found on the cellular device. The Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHZ processor is also a blessing, as it speeds things right along and saves you time finishing your long to-do list.


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