HP iPAQ Glisten Review

on 1:43 PM

It has been a while since HP involvement in the smartphone business. Not to deny of the company’s advanced sense on the market trend, HP has once make a great marketing deal with the Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform, not only to penetrate the mass smartphone market but instead aims to pioneer among other existing competitors. Unfortunately with such prevailing connection with Microsoft, HP still encounters failure when launching iPAQ 910 in 2008. In year 2009, the HP did not give up but comes back with the iPAQ Glisten. Regardless of the improvement from the last device, the HP emphasized more on the marketing line of the Glisten. Launched as a strictly custom made business-type smart phone, the HP is making itself very clear of the targeted consumers.

Operation System

Being one of a few candy phone supported by Windows, the iPAQ Glisten runs with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Operation System along with standard Office package. Of course, as the world is in the Android trend, there is not much to discuss about its OS. However, the Office Mobile Suit is definitely a necessity for a business smart phone like the Glisten. Assembling Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint presentation, the Glisten allows you to get your works done even when you are travelling.

Internet Connectivity

Reviewing its internet connectivity, the Glisten offers 7.2 Mbps 3G connectivity for speedy internet surfing. Apart from that, it also supports WiFi connection and Bluetooth synchronization. It is also supported by a Qualcomm MSM 7200A 528 MHz processor however, multitasking still rather slow if compared to other devices available in the market.


Strictly a business-type smart phone, there is not much expectation on its camera function but we are still surprise to have the Glisten comes with a 3.1 megapixel resolution and a very nice looking camera interface. Featured with autofocus function yet no flash light, the image is expected to be less clear and reduced quality.

AMOLED touch screen display

The AMOLED display is another highlight of the iPAQ Glisten. Claimed to have sharper, brighter display and less power consumption, the Glisten hasn’t really make full use of this excellent feature. The QVGA resolution of 320 x 240 pixels is way too low to boast up the AMOLED display, resulting in a defect on the display not being as smooth and sharp as AMOLED display on the Samsung Omnia II. Reviewing of the touch screen display, cruel enough to say it is just a redundant feature in the Glisten. Honestly, a 2.5 inches display doesn’t really need a touch screen. Input with the new touch-friendly menus of Windows Mobile 6.5, predictable there will be plenty of scrolling activities when handling the Glisten as there is no adequate onscreen space for full display. Most of the time, you may have to break down the stylus to make selection on the submenu. Clearly, the touch-friendly feature isn’t really user-friendly.


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