Touchscreen Mobile Phone Watch:

on 1:04 PM

Highlights include; quad band GSM connectivity for use with any GSM phone service provider around the world, full Bluetooth support for hands free calling or for listening to MP3 files, a colorful 1.5 inch touchscreen that responds immediately to the slightest touch of your finger, and many more excellent features that make this mobile watch phone practical and convenient for daily use.
The Endurance comes with a built in MP3/MP4 media player so you can easily playback all of your favorite movies, music, or photos, all with the simple tap of the touchscreen.
Just plug this watch phone into your computer’s USB port and load your favorite media files onto the internal 2GB memory. The audio can then be played through the included Bluetooth earphones or directly through the built in speakers.

Sanyo Zio Brings Android 1.6:

on 12:30 PM

Want an Android smartphone that won't cripple your pockets with either an extremely expensive unlocked purchase price or a steep contract?  You might want to take a stab at the Sanyo Zio, an entry-level Android smartphone from Cricket Wireless Physically, it looks decidedly unremarkable.It has a slightly rectangular shape, decent dimensions and a comfortable feel in hand.  Build is heavy on the plastic, but sturdy.The 3.5-inch display (400 x 240 resolution) is far from the best we've seen, but it is impressive for a cheap phone.
As a phone, the Zio made for good calls.  Voices sounded natural, although we could have appreciated just a little more volume.Those on the other line reported positive results.  Speakerphone, however, sounded shrill.  Battery is rated at 6.9 hours of talk time, so expect good use up to two days (okay, maybe a day and a half).

Dell Aero Pairs Sleek Looks:

on 9:02 AM

Dell's official entry into the Android pool doesn't exactly excite.  However, it is a full-fledged smartphone with sleek looks and an attractive price point.Physically, it's one of slimmest and lightest Android phones you're going to find.  Construction is almost entirely plastic, although it feels solid and holds well in the hand.  The front panel consists solely of the 3.5-inch touchscreen display (640 x 360 resolution) and bezel - the requisite control buttons were moved to the side of the phone.  More likely than not, you'll find this design decision just a little unintuitive.As a phone, the Aero made for mixed call quality.  Sound often came out a bit muffled; surprisingly, those on the other end reported exceptional clarity.  Speakerphone audio was tinny, but it had some serious volume, making it especially usable in loud environments.  Battery life is rated at 4 hours of talk time, so expect to charge nightly.
It runs Android 1.5.  Yes, that same version from the oldest Android smartphone.  Dell did throw up its own UI, which might have been welcome if this handset came out a year ago.  Right now, though, it hardly enhances the phone's usability.

PUMA Phone Arrives with a Solar Panel:

on 7:29 AM

Now, we are talking about the same Puma company that makes the shoes, sportswear, and other sport accessories so I understand if you are a little bit wary. But the PUMA phone is real, and it comes with a built-in solar charger on the back so you’ll never suffer for a dead battery. The handset also comes with a 2.8-inch 240×320 capacitive touch screen, Bluetooth, 3G, aGPS, Quad-band GSM and a 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash.
The PUMA also sports (no pun intended) a built-in radio, social networking integration, video calling, a sarcastic calculator and a scratching turntable. And it wouldn’t be a Puma with out a host of sports features, so there’s a stopwatch, GPS speedo, GPS run tracker, pedometer and a yachting compass. The user interface makes heavy use of PUMA’s corporate color scheme (red, white and black) with flat looking white-on-red icons throughout. According to the phone’s webpage, it will arrive in 45 days (first week of April) and did I mention it even comes with a on-demand digital cat (a puma)

Nokia N8 Gets A Release Date:

on 12:55 PM

The Nokia N8 has finally got an official release date from Nokia after much speculation online.
The Nokia N8 will be released across networks from the 1st October , although it will be available direct from Nokia in the last couple of days in September. Infact, you can pre-order the mobile from Nokia direct right now with it costs £429.00 Sim-free.
We'd expect a marketing barrage over the next few weeks , as the N8 is the most important smartphone Nokia has launched in a long time.
It not only marks the introduction of the Symbian^3 operating system , but is also the first real feature phone launched by Nokia since the N900. They are no doubt aiming to take on the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and other top smartphones and it will take a great mobile and a big advertising spend to succeed.
We're not sure how many networks will carry the Nokia N8, but its been confirmed that Vodafone will be launching the mobile and will get it in an exclusive Lime green colour. We also know that both O2 and T-Mobile will be carrying the Nokia N8.