Sanyo Zio Brings Android 1.6:

on 12:30 PM

Want an Android smartphone that won't cripple your pockets with either an extremely expensive unlocked purchase price or a steep contract?  You might want to take a stab at the Sanyo Zio, an entry-level Android smartphone from Cricket Wireless Physically, it looks decidedly unremarkable.It has a slightly rectangular shape, decent dimensions and a comfortable feel in hand.  Build is heavy on the plastic, but sturdy.The 3.5-inch display (400 x 240 resolution) is far from the best we've seen, but it is impressive for a cheap phone.
As a phone, the Zio made for good calls.  Voices sounded natural, although we could have appreciated just a little more volume.Those on the other line reported positive results.  Speakerphone, however, sounded shrill.  Battery is rated at 6.9 hours of talk time, so expect good use up to two days (okay, maybe a day and a half).


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