PUMA Phone Arrives with a Solar Panel:

on 7:29 AM

Now, we are talking about the same Puma company that makes the shoes, sportswear, and other sport accessories so I understand if you are a little bit wary. But the PUMA phone is real, and it comes with a built-in solar charger on the back so you’ll never suffer for a dead battery. The handset also comes with a 2.8-inch 240×320 capacitive touch screen, Bluetooth, 3G, aGPS, Quad-band GSM and a 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash.
The PUMA also sports (no pun intended) a built-in radio, social networking integration, video calling, a sarcastic calculator and a scratching turntable. And it wouldn’t be a Puma with out a host of sports features, so there’s a stopwatch, GPS speedo, GPS run tracker, pedometer and a yachting compass. The user interface makes heavy use of PUMA’s corporate color scheme (red, white and black) with flat looking white-on-red icons throughout. According to the phone’s webpage, it will arrive in 45 days (first week of April) and did I mention it even comes with a on-demand digital cat (a puma)


Jan said...

This mobile phone looks very interesting! Solar is the way to go...now all us 'users' need to do is convince the powers-that-be that we all want to use solar power for as much as possible and to cut down on high electricity costs! I wonder if we can ever get to the day when talking on a mobile/cell phone will be free?

Thesolar said...

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