iPhone 5 Coming Soon.

on 6:28 AM

Apple, a leading mobile company today, has been reported to release the newest addition to their line, the iPhone 5, later this year around October or November. An anonymous tip from reliable sources says that this schedule is going to be kept as a new version of the famed iPhone is going to be released per year for next several years.
The internet scene has already noted various versions of such speculation and no one knows when is the exact date until Apple can provide their final statement to clear the rumors running around over the internet. The idea about the next iPhone being released later this year is actually a tangible idea with a promising touch of reality considering the rumors that have been circulating prior to the release of the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 Coming In June After All?

on 12:08 AM

When it comes to the iPhone 5 release date, who are you going to believe? U.S. sources and Wall St. say it will come in late summer/early fall. Asian sources say the iPhone 5 is on track for June. How can you sort it all out? Charles Moore explains:
I’ve been following Apple new product releases attentively for nearly 20 years now, and I’ve concluded that the only certainty about them is that nothing is certain until the official announcement. Consequently, I think the best policy is to be interested, but not too impatient, or put much serious stock in rumors.

Nexus S is first to run latest Google Android software:

on 12:55 AM

Google’s Nexus S combines Samsung’s slick hardware with Android’s endless features. Photo/FILE

The Nexus S has popped out of the oven stuffed with freshly baked Gingerbread -- it’s the first phone to run the latest version of Google’s Android software.It combines Samsung’s slick hardware with Android 2.3’s seemingly endless features, and the result is a confection that’s worth nibbling.
But don’t expect massive changes compared to Android 2.2 Froyo or the Samsung Galaxy S’ hardware.The Nexus S is a subtly refined dessert, rather than a gastronomic innovation.
The Nexus S is Google’s latest flagship phone, following in the footsteps of the T-Mobile G1 and Google Nexus One.The ‘S’ in its name signifies its Samsung origins -- and that’s a company that knows how to make some very sexy hardware.

Dell Streak Strikes Out :

on 6:12 AM

If you are a customer in the United States, Streak 7 is here. As of today, we’re selling it to customers in the United States via Dell.com and many T-Mobile stores across the country. If you’ve been interested in the Streak 7, I bet you’ve already seen reviews at sites like Crunchgear, CNET and Wired. Still, I think it’s worth spending a few minutes to give you some perspective after I’ve had a chance to use the device over the last several days.
The Streak 7 is built to take advantage of T-Mobile’s brand new 4G network. As of today, you can walk into many of their stores in the United States, try it out, and walk out with one. New or existing T-Mobile customers can purchase the new Streak 7 for $199 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Without a contract, the price for customers is $449. If you pay the $449 price, you can opt for the Pay-as-you-Go options that start at $25 a month. Customers on Dell.com can buy the Streak 7 for $199 with a 2-year T-Mobile contract or the same $449 price if you’d rather the Pay-as-you-Go route.

Nokia Cheap Handset Hitting The Market :

on 8:41 AM

Nokia has officially announced their partnership with Microsoft. The Finnish company has promised cheap Windows Phone smartphone. Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO confirmed that “we have become convinced that we can do that very quickly”.Nokia also admitted that the device will comes with affordable pricing. The device will runs with Windows Phone 7 as its platform. we can’t wait to see the handset out.

The Hp Palm:

on 6:30 AM

Rumors of a WebOS slate from Palm have come a long way, and it seems that they may become a reality quite soon - as soon as March, in fact! Now let’s take a second to run down what we know so far of the HP Palm tablets (yes, we said tablets); the Opal and the Topaz.
  • 180 x 144 x 13mm
  • 7 inch 1,024 x 768 pixel TFT LCD display
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • Premium Beats audio
  • Tens of gigabytes of cloud storage

Motorola Citrus:

on 12:14 PM

Android phones are like reality TV shows—they're everywhere, only far less annoying and actually useful. So, it's inevitable that Android phones would make their way into the entry/mid-level phones circuit, and the Motorola Citrus is one of the troopers bringing a taste of the most popular platform to the users on a tight budget. However, the Motorola Citrus is not alone. For $30 more, there's the LG Vortex. One thing the Vortex and the Citrus have in common is that fact that they're not very fast, especially when compared to the high dollar giants like the Droids. But, if you're looking to bust into Android Land on the cheap, the Motorola Citrus for Verizon Wireless could be the ticket.