HTC Droid Incredible

on 7:25 AM

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We live in a world where time does not slow down. As a busy person you need something to help you keep pace with your fast-paced life, and the HTC Droid Incredible does just that. With a simple design, amazing screen and a good camera, the Droid Incredible is giving other Smartphones, such as the Nexus One and the Apple iPhone, a run for their money. It places near the top when considering a new smartphone. For a side-by-side comparison and objective reviews.

The Droid Incredible really is, as the name says, incredible. HTC has been producing very solid phones for a few years now. With a design similar to other smartphones, this HTC device is an attractive phone. With a 480 x 800-pixel display, the colors will pop and bring a whole new world to the palm of your hand. Designed with a 3.7 inch screen, the Incredible has a much larger display than the Apple iPhone and is the same size as Google’s Nexus One. However, when comparing the Incredible to the Google smartphone, the Droid is chunkier and more difficult to hold in one’s hand. They are similar with very little difference, but the Nexus One contains a more sleek and fluid design.
This HTC phone has an optical joystick which is used to navigate on the phone instead of a trackball. Four small buttons, home, menu, back and search, are found on the front of the phone but these are so small that the touch screen is used for almost everything.

Outdoing most other smartphones, the Droid Incredible features an 8MP camera and dual LED flash. For a phone camera, that's impressive. And this camera doesn’t stop there. The camera features built-in editing so you can edit your photos directly on your phone. The photo gallery is new and unique on the Incredible and can be opened in either a timeline or a grid. Even video can be captured at 640 x 480 pixels, which means it will look sharp and you will be proud to call the video footage your own.


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