HTC Smart Review

on 2:28 AM

There has been a lot of buzz around HTC phones lately, because of the launch of many new and innovative smartphones.The HTC Smart is a compact phone that helps you to make smarter and more fun.The HTC Smart is ready for you, for your productive side or your private life. The HTC Smart has Themes – various phone profiles you mood and status of your everyday life shows. There is a theme for busy week days, your home screen filled with icons such as email, calendar and internet, to get you through the busy days around to help. There is a scene to relax in the weekend, with icons as music, camera and photos on the ground. There is even a scene that you can decorate to your own tastes and needs. 
The screen size is relatively small compared to the advanced next-generation terminals: a LCF 2.8 inch TFT with a resolution of QVGA, still large enough to use with your fingers without too much problems. It is GSM compatible with GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA. The Smart is equipped with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, an integrated camera complete with autofocus, digital zoom, flash and video capabilities 3-megapixel, 3.5 mm input jack for standard headphones, memory RAM 256 and ROM memory too ‘ it by 256.
The more you use the HTC Smart, you’ll find more details. For example, with a tap on the screen, tilt your internet browser to landscape, so you can see perfectly websites. There is also a smart zoom available, which you only 2 taps on the screen can zoom in on text, without you having to scroll.


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