Modu 1 Modular Mobile

on 1:05 PM

The Modu 1 is a modular mobile, which means its appearance and functionality can be personalised with different jackets.
The Modu 1 is the only mobile of its kind and is also the lightest mobile phone in the world. It's been out a while in various Asian countries and is now available in the UK.
The standard specification is quite a basic affair which includes MP3 playback, the ability to display images, 2GB of onboard storage, microUSB support, Bluetooth, alarm clock and a calender.
Other jackets bring new features to the mobile with the Night jacket adding a 3MP camera to the mobile. Additionally, another jacket includes the ability to dock your mobile in the a digital picture frame which also charges your mobile. Additionally,  you can use the mobile as a sports band with another hardware option.
You can buy the mobile from for just £130, with jackets starting from £20.


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