Microsoft Kin Two Review:

on 1:40 PM

The Kin Two, like the Kin One, is all about social networking. A constant stream of Twitter, Facebook and MySpace updates piles onto the phone's main stream throughout the day. But with updates organized and sized in a readable way, the stream never gets too cluttered.
It also eschews being so simple a person can't find or will miss an update if checked semi-regularly. The phone makes it just as easy to send updates as it is to receive them.
Other parts of the phone get less attention. There's no instant messaging on the phone, no extras like visual voicemail or photo editing options, and messages and emails are stored separately, as are contact entries from various sources.
The Kin Two is a fun option for young social butterflies and the limited, flat-fee entertainment options make managing the cell phone bill easier. But people that want more applications, downloads and extra options may get bored with the phone.
The Kin Two definitely has a more approachable look than the Kin One. While the Kin One is close to square-shaped and compact, the Kin Two is less likely to turn heads with its more standard look and measurements of 4.38-inches long, 2.36-inches across and 0.64-inch thick. The Kin Two also looks more professional, with its all-black exterior. Whether blending in is a good thing or a bad thing depends on personal taste.


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