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Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference kicked off a few of days ago, and, since some of the sessions there were dedicated to the upcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system, additional details on the matter were already unveiled. Of course, most of the WP7 aspects discussed there were already known, but Andy Lees, Senior VP of Mobiles Communication Business, as well as other people present there did bring to light some info unknown until now.

Those interested in learning what was discussed there should take a look at the WP7 Keynote available on Microsoft's dedicated website here. Another video presentation, dubbed 'Windows Phone 7 Value Keynote - Brad Brooks & Andy Lees,' which, reportedly, was not streamed and which is 55 minutes long, can be found here. However, in case that would seem too much, some highlights from the presentation are available below, courtesy of a recent post on phone7.wordpress.

Windows Phone 7 is expected to land on the market with features like:
- Customizable lock screen with extra info available (e.g. upcoming meetings)
- Start screen fully customizable
- Support for multiple exchange accounts in the phone
- Same contact details are merged from various sources
- Emails synchronized over the air
- Close integration between email and calendar
- Bing Search – smart searches using your current GPS location

Of course, that is not all. The operating system should arrive on shelves organized in hubs, and each hub, along with its specific features, was discussed on Monday. The People Hub should put together info on contacts from various sources; the Office Hub would come with SharePoint synchronization support; the Games Hub is expected to sport one's real avatar from the Xbox live account; the platform should be accompanied by a cloud service that would arrive at all carriers at the same time, and more.

Some details on the said cloud service, dubbed Windows Phone Live, were unveiled on Tuesday. Those interested in learning more on what was discussed about Windows Phone 7 at Microsoft's WPC should head over here for the full transcript of the keynote.


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